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(I)Procurement extension
If you are a foreign purchaser , we could do below for you:

1. Fine a sustainable Chinese supplier : we can help you match a reliable supplier and screen out verified suppliers according to your specific needs. This may not be the lowest price supplier, but this will be an offering good quality products, documents qualified,credit reliable, stable supply, instant response supplier and who is aware of your standards and expectations, and shape their contribution to sustainable development in a transparent manner.

2. Help you keep track of the order situation, push and arrange delivery time, travel to factories for visit and negotiation. We act like your procurement outsourcing agents, is equivalent to your representative office in China which save your cost and time.

3.Update market information of China. Market information is changing fast in China, especially China takes current stricter environmental policy. Factories may stop suddenly because of pollution or security accident , and even sometimes, it implicated by problems of other factory located in same chemical industry zone although itself is totally no problem or its raw material supply effected because of its supply has some problem. These issue will immediately reflected to supply and price. Without a close partner or agent, you may miss a lot.

(II)Import and distributor in China
Food colors, dyestuffs, intermediates are the main products we are currently importing, we are also willing to try introducing new drug from abroad.Registration, import and distribution in China, if you have a good chemical products and intelligent hardware and hope to sell in China, please contact us.

China is one of largest market for all series chemical products in the world. with deeper supply cut reform in Chinese Chemical industry and stricter environmental and security policy, many rude production chemical factories are knocked out, reducing production capacity of heavy pollution and isolated manufacturing products, resulting prices soar and supply even broken off, which is necessary to import these products from aboard. 

(III) Find OEM/CRO/CMO in China
China has a relatively complete pharm&chem industry supply chain. most factories have own characteristics: specific equipments & facitilies , good at some reactions ,producing unique strong products. China is the world's OEM/CRO/CMO base. any new products,intermediates which produce by certain conditions ,equipment or skilled reaction operators,we could help you to select specific one for your reference and meet your customed requiements.

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