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   Hangzhou Kaixin Technology Co., Ltd. Located in garden international city Hangzhou,China, 1hour by train to Shanghai ,is  a high-tech company focused on the development of new technology of pharm&chemical industry and intelligent mechatronics integration. Products include Chemicals,API, nutraceutical, all kinds of  intermediates, physiotherapy apparatus, digital water curtain, Eco- friendly CNG conversion system ( CNG reducer,Injectors ,ect ). Professional Services include cargo  import and export services, agents and consulting.We have a close strategic partnership;with companies;which;has some leading products like Northeast Pharmaceutical (stock code 000597),Hangzhou Ruide Chemical, Ningbo Acry Chemical, Hebei Honggang Chemical, Zhejiang Tongli Fluid Control and so on. Meanwhile,We continuously discover a large number of pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises who have good foundation and growth to achieve good relations with them. The company’s business leaders are group professionals of Chemical background and more than 10 years experience in the foreign trade, with Merck similar original mission "good medicine for mankind". To achieve our own value,We are committed to Supply chain optimization and resource allocation of chemicals,APIs &intermediates around the world. We try to develop mechatronics medical apparatus and instruments. "Innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" is our guiding principle and code of conduct, we hope to be a small bridge connected to China and the world in Chemical and health field. China could supply good quality Chemicals at cheap price with supporting of its complete and strong chemical industry,while high-tech and green chemicals could be introduced to China from aboard.

   Our team is echelon integrated, deep chemical background, rich experience in foreign trade, familiar with GMP and other qualified registered documents, and is equipped with Spanish, Russian talent. Not only providing convenient cargo imp/exp services to Chinese Chemical manufacturers, but also offering consulting service of introducing new drugs and intermediates, new technology and preparation of the registration documents. We have deepened the Indian market for many years, familiar with its market access and broaden, established a wide range of market channels in Indian pharmaceutical industry and dye industry with close relationship with many manufacturers & traders.

Adhere to provide customers with satisfactory service, innovation, and promote the team forward!


Countries:  India,Russia,Brazil,Turkey,Argentina,Pakistan, total 16

Turnover:  Export 20million USD; Domestic sale 5.98million RMB

Partner:  69 aboard ; 42 domestic

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