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UN: 2074


Synonyms: 2-propenamide
Documents: COA | MSDS
Packing 20'FCL With/Without Pallets
25kgs/Bag 18MT
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    White crystal
    The content of acrylamide
    Colour 20% Solution Hazen
    Conductivity(40% Solution) US/CM
    20 Maxax
    Copper PPM 0
    FE PPM 1 Max
  • Feature:

    High production capacity, stable quality


    It can be used as raw materials for organic synthesis and polymer materials. Its polymer is soluble in water, so it is used to produce flocculant for water treatment. It can also be used as soil amendment, paper filler, chemical grouting agent, tunnel excavation, oil well drilling, mine and dam plugging in civil engineering. This product can also be used as raw material of medicine, pesticide, dyestuff and coating.

  • Authorized Distributor/ Exporter since 2010

     Founded in 2009, Ningbo Acry Chemical Co.,Ltd., is an ISO9000 certificated company, which is located in Ningbo. The production method is microbiological process to Acrylonitrile, improves the biotech origin from Japan by Tsinghua University. They have 2 production lines whose total max capacity is 40000mt annually. The factory is one of the biggest manufacturers for acrylamide in China. The conversion ratio is 99.99% now so that they makes Acrylamide of good quality. And they are friendly to environment.

  • 1. What is its main application?

    It can be used as flocculant in water treatment, soil improver and raw material of medicine, pesticide, dyestuff and coating.

    2. How many years we produced it, and what is its capacity?
    It produced since 2009.And enlarge capacity to 15000mt annually since 2009.
    3. What is plant location and nearest port?
    It located in a chemical zone Ningbo province, and nearest port is Ningbo port.

    4. If document Support and audit available?
    Yes, VQ and allied tech. package is available for serious client. Audit could be accepted for clients having business more than 1year. 

    5. What other products are producing or plan to produce in this plant?
    The factory also manufacture  Acrylamide of good quality.
  • Chemical Properties

    Melting point  82-86 °C(lit.)
    Boiling point  125 °C25 mm Hg(lit.)
    density  1,322 g/cm3
    vapor density  2.45 (vs air)
    vapor pressure  0.03 mm Hg ( 40 °C)
    refractive index  1.460
    Fp  138 °C
    storage temp.  2-8°C
    solubility  2040 g/L (25°C)
    pka 15.35±0.50(Predicted)
    form  powder
    color  White
    Odor Odorless solid
    PH 5.0-7.0 (50g/l, H2O, 20℃)
    Water Solubility  Acrylamide is routinely tested at 250 mg/mL in water, giving a clear colorless solution. It is soluble at least to 40% (w/v) in water, and reportedly up to 215 g/100 mL in water at 30°C.
    Sensitive  Light Sensitive
    Merck  14,129
    BRN  605349
    Henry's Law Constant (x 10-9 atm?m3/mol): 3.03 at 20 °C (approximate - calculated from water solubility and vapor pressure)
    Exposure limits Potential occupational carcinogen. NIOSH REL: TWA 0.03, IDLH: 60; OSHA PEL: TWA 0.3; ACGIH TLV: TWA 0.03.
    Stability: Unstable. Do not heat above 50C. Explosive. Incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, reducing agents, iron and iron salts, copper, aluminium, brass, free radical initiators. Air sensitive. Hygroscopic.
    CAS DataBase Reference 79-06-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
    IARC 2A (Vol. 60, Sup 7) 1994
    NIST Chemistry Reference Acrylamide(79-06-1)
    EPA Substance Registry System Acrylamide (79-06-1)

    Safety Information

    Hazard Codes  T
    Risk Statements  45-46-20/21-25-36/38-43-48/23/24/25-62-48/20/21/22-22-24/25
    Safety Statements  53-45-24-36/37/39-26-36/37
    RIDADR  UN 3426 6.1/PG 3
    WGK Germany  3
    RTECS  AS3325000
    TSCA  Yes
    HazardClass  6.1
    PackingGroup  III
    HS Code  29241900
    Hazardous Substances Data 79-06-1(Hazardous Substances Data)
    Toxicity LD50 i.p. in mice: 170 mg/kg (Peterson, Sheth)

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